We are focused on corporate payments solutions.

Reliable and scalable

Transiit Pay offers financial services such as global remittance, online payment, and currency exchange; and provides a financial service platform for individuals and corporations.

Pioneering a world of open finances, Industry expertise, open technology, and a global financial system. We unlock the potential of people, communities, and businesses everywhere.

Team up with a leader in global payments innovation and technology, enabling corporate institutions to stay ahead in today’s evolving financial space.

As your payment’s partner, Transiit Pay LTD. is an extension of your team. We are committed to offering reliable, scalable, compliant solutions that seamlessly expand your commercial business.

Innovation and adaptability

We give you quick, easy, and simple account management so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Innovate and respond faster to market changes with a modern Corporate Payment platform that can be deployed on-premise.

Be ready for the new age of Corporate Payments. Meet the ever-changing needs of your customers and maximize efficiency with our innovative end-to-end payment solutions.

Exceed customer expectations and ride the next wave of payment innovation through modern API-enabled architecture.

Service, compliance and simplicity

We can improve your financial performance, as well as relationships with your associates or clients, allowing you to trade in the currency of your choice. In this sense, the support provided by our team will also allow the increase in international business by reducing risks, associated with costs and delays in the international payment process.

Our staff is at your service 24/7, to ensure your business will always be up to date.

Our solutions enable people to have faster access to funds and offer a more integrated platform for your payments.

Our services

Global remittance

With our banking expertise, we have created a network to fulfill your demands and deliver fast and secure any transaction of your business around the world.

Safe online payments

Robust payment infrastructure, integrated Risk & Fraud management tools. Advanced payment technology for enterprises to manage & improve transaction flows.

Foreign exchange dealing

With our Multi-currency accounts covering all major currencies, we offer low rates and quick exchange so your money is used efficiently for your business.


Security & Compliance

We abide by laws and regulations regarding money laundering and ensure a strict KYC process.

Multi-regional coverage

Supporting dozens of currencies with the help of multi-regional service providers around the world.

API access

Connect through our secure interfaces to access a wealth of financial services and quickly solve the needs of multi-currency receipts and payments.

Compliance all the way

Our customers have direct access to our team, we dedicate time and effort to analyze and carefully evaluate the documentation of our customers, its related, their suppliers and their customers; basically, we apply compliance protocols to all our transactions, in a cloud-based system. We take the compliance matters very seriously, to facilitate and speed up the payments approval and execution.

Our partners